Meet the Wonderful but  Simple Folks of Screechin Holler
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Ike Bodine
Ike Bodine is a retired coal miner who gets his social security check from the "gubbamint" every month 
Jessie Lynne Bodine
Jessie Lynne Bodine is Ike's devoted wife, referred to as maw. She is a bit of a gossip too. 
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Paw - Ike Bodine Maw - Jessie Lynne Bodine
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Clem Bodine
Clem Bodine is the son of Ike and jessie Lynne Bodine. He works in the local coal mine 
Petunia Bodine
Petunia Bodine is the daughter of  Ike and Jessie Lynne Bodine and the sister of Clem.
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Clem Bodine Petunia Bodine
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Zeke Forest
Zeke Forest is a local farmer and the best friend of Ike bodine. Often drinks, fishes and hunts with Ike.
Gerty Forest
Gerty forest is the wife of Zeke and best friend of Jessie Lynne Bodine. Often gossips with Jessie Lynne too.
Zeke Forest Gerty Forest
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Rita & Junior
Rita Forest is the daughter of Zeke and Gerty Forest. junior is her "adorable" son.  Rita is the best friend of Petunia Bodine.
Cletus Forest
Cletus Forest is the son of Zeke and Gerty and the best friend of Clem Bodine. 
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Rita and Junior Forest Cletus Forest
Piggly Pigleton
Piggly Pigleton is a talking pig who lives on the Forest Farm. He does the bookkeeping too. Piggly is one smart pig.
Merle Screechin
Merle S. Screechin is the founder and mayor of Screechin Holler. He's not really a people person though.
Merle screechin
Piggly Pigleton Merle Screechin
sheriff buford pustule
Sheriff Pustule
Sheriff Buford Pustule is the sheriff of Screechin Holler. He looks goofy but carries a big stick. 
Barky the Barkeep
Barky is the barkeep of the local bar. He's always good for a few words of wisdom. 
barky the barkeep
Sheriff Buford Pustule Barky the Barkeep
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Rufus Mahoofus
Rufus Mahoofus is the owner and proprietor of the local merchantile. 
Bubba Ray Jones
Bubba Ray Jones is the town drunk. He often wanders around drunk in just his underwear. 
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Rufus - Merchantile Owner Bubba Ray - Town Drunk
blind charlie chitlin
Blind Charlie Chuggins
Blind Charlie Chuggins is the local blues performer. Always happy to sing for a beer, to chug. 
Sasscratch, also known as Sasquatch, is often sighted in Screechin Holler. They just call him Sassy for short.
Blind Charlie Chuggins Sasscratch - Often Sighted
doctor fishman
Doctor Killdemall
Doctor Wynton Killdemall is the town doctor. He's a bit messy though. He is often covered with blood.
Wilbur Bunion
Wilbur Bunion works in the coal mine with Clem Bodine. He is Clem's best friend on the job. 
Doctor Wynton Killdemall Wilbur Bunion - Coal Miner
More characters will be added every now and then. 
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