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Welcome to ScreechinHoller.com, the official home of the Screechin Holler Comic Strip Series. The comic strip takes place in a nice rural community called, you guessed it, screechin Holler. It's a town founded by a man named Merle S. Screechin, who also just so happens to be the town's mayor.

Although the town itself was founded by good ol' Merle, the main characters featured in the comic strip are the members of the Bodine family, headed by Ike and Jessie Lynne Bodine. Living near them are their two children, Petunia and Clem.
The best friends of the Bodine family are Zeke and Gerty Forest, along with their two children Rita and Cletus. These two families will be the center of the comic strip but, don't worry, there will also be plenty of other interesting characters popping up from time to time.

So kindly give the site a good look-over and see how you like it. If you want to know more about each character, just go to the Character Page. For the Latest Comic Strip, just go to the comic strip page. If there are any slang terms you don't quite understand, you can use our Hillbilly dictionary to look it up. If you want to give us some feedback, go to our Feedback Page. Or if you just want to shoot us a quick e-mail, go to our Contact Page. It's pretty straight-forward around here. No point in jerking you around. Us folks here at Screechin Holler ain't got time for that sort of thing.
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