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howdy folks Thank you for visiting ScreechinHoller.com. This website is part of the Craypoe.com Network of websites, which has thousands of pages on the Internet. You can check out some of the features on the websites by going to our Links Page.

This is my second attempt at a comic strip. The first one was the Punksters.net Comic Strip Series.
The Screechin Holler Comic Strip Series is significantly different though, in both the theme and the nature of the characters involved. None of the characters on this site, however, are modeled after specific people. Which is good because who would want to really meet people like them anyway? With this comic strip series, I wanted to get into subject matter associated with a rural environment. That allows me to get into a different brand of humor than what's entailed in the other comic strip.

This site has a number of features other than just the comic strip itself. We have free desktop wallpapers available for download, in a number of different resolutions. So you could pick the one that best suits your computer's display settings. We also have merchandise available that features the comic strip characters.

We have a blog as well, that covers some of the latest developments with the comic strip, merchandise and website. You can check that out on our Blogs Page. On the Media Page, you can view some of the videos released on the Craypoe.com YouTube channel.

We have a feedback form that you could fill out and send to us, just to let us know what you think. You could also send some suggestions as to what kind of story lines you would like to see as well. We are always open to suggestions.

So thanks again for visiting our site and feel free to return every now and then to see what's new.

Bob Craypoe, also known as R.L. Crepeau
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